Looks Like Me But Isn't

Looks Like Me But Isn't

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The National Right to Life and Veganism

I love logic even when I have a hard time being logical. I don't have pointy ears like a Vulcan although I would have loved to marry Lt. Saavik from the Wrath of Khan. I must have a thing for pointy ears on women because I was also strongly attracted to Liv Tyler's Arwen in LOTR. But back to logic, I think the next logical step for the NRL is to add veganism to its list of issues. I mean it already has abortion, euthanasia and stem-cell research on its list. It is just a matter of time before meat eaters are targeted. I hope that this won't take as long as war and the death penalty have taken, both of which still have not been accepted by the NRL.

This can probably be attributed to internal factionalism and the way these topics are used politically. The NRL leadership fights hard not to polemicise the issues. They use cold, hard scientific and medical evidence to convince others that abortion is dangerous. They have an online booklet of the medical facts related to abortion which explains the danger of each abortion technique used, many of which could cause death and /or other unhealthy side effects.

I suppose they don't have a medical facts booklet on euthanasia because we all know the only side effect of that is death and logically following, there is not one on stem cell research because that comes from abortion and it would just be repetitive since they already have a booklet on that. But this they will be where the vegan lifestyle wins over war and the death penalty: it lends itself to an informative booklet based on the results of hard science and everyone has a right to know the facts that science produces, especially when it involves life and death.

I don't have the resources that the NRL has to put together a complete booklet but I hope by starting this they will be inspired to take it up and put it to a vote at their next national convention. If they do so, you can be assured they will produce a more complete and informative version. It could be titled, Eating Meat: Medical Facts, which has the same urgency and ease-of-remembering that their abortion one has.

Facts and dangers of eating meat.

  1. meat comes from living creatures who are slaughtered by the millions. It is an animal holocaust. (I think the word animalcide should also be created and adopted for use in propaganda)
  2. tens of thousands of workers in the meat, poultry and fish industries are being injured, maimed and even killed from the processing the victims of animalcide. (Statistics are available from http://www.ilo.org/public/english/dialogue/sector/papers/fishsafe/index.htm)
  3. undercooked or raw meat, fish, poultry and eggs can cause a variety of illnesses and even death.
  4. The eating of meat leads to disgusting food choices such as balut, cow brains ant eggs and sushi. (these are just a few examples but eating these things clearly shows how eating steak can lead to more hard core meats, a clear sign that mental health is also affected by meat eating.)
  5. 99% of people who eat meat cite social reasons such as; taste, availability and peer pressure instead of life and death situations such as a plane crashing in the Andes mountains.

There may be more reasons but I believe this is enough to at least get this discussion going. Within a year we could see protests in front of meat packing plants and ranches. We only have to be on the look out for the rise of radical anti-animalcide groups. They may try to distort our scientific and medical message for their own fanatical means and we definitely don't want to see meat packing plants being bombed or workers from these places being assassinated as they go to work. Hopefully, we won't see a repeat of what happened to doctors, nurses and women's health clinics.

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